Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Mobile War: Google vs Apple

One of the most repeated questions over the last couple of years has been - which mobile-based operating system is best to use. There are many OS’s (Windows Phone 7, webOS, Symbian, etc), but you don't have to think hard to see that Apple iOS and Google Android are the most talked about mobile operating systems and seem to pretty much lead the "Mobile War".

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Collaboration - The next big thing?

The amazing thing about the internet is that people were totally unaware of how far it would grow. It has grown to the point where the internet is the centre of our lives, be it in business, social activity or personal use.

It started with email (which first appeared as early as the 1960s). It was the start of the evolution of communication. The next stage was IM (Instant Messaging). Based on the concept of email, with the ability to “instantly” exchange messages in a feed, rather than sending separate emails for each line of a chat. Makes a lot of sense from a conversation perspective.